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DYD Angelic

The ever changing need of the workforce allows us to constantly innovate and challenge ourselves to grow and develop tailored products.

With our 8000 SQM state of art manufacturing unit in India we design and focus on delivering innovation to our key market sectors. 

We work with leading International designers from across to globe for a world class and futuristic design.

Our way ahead is to make products adhering to Global  market and making a brand worth 5 Bn INR in 5 years.

Opening world class products to ASIA PAC markets and to ignite trust as a valued Brand.

Collaborative Spaces

Workspace shifting from a ‘ME’ to ‘WE’ environment

There is substantial research to show open offices can increase productivity & collaboration for employees. 

Organizations are largely operating in Dark as they struggle to offer workspaces that successfully respond to these complex demands

Effective group spaces support equal sharing, and diverse social exchanges

Angelic Products